Ships of the Sea’s Maritime Museum 

41 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd,  Savannah, GA, 31401



During the #MuseumFromHome movement during the beginnings of the Covid-19 Pandemic I worked in partnership with the Stephanie Sekula to design a series of 5 coloring sheets and corr

esponding Instagram content posts highlighting the Figure Head collection permanently housed with in the museum to engage guests while the Museum was closed to the public due to local health guidelines. Those coloring sheets can be found for free download on the Ships of the Sea’s Maritime Museum’s website, on the Educational Programs Page under the ‘Coloring Pages’ sub-heading.

Figure Heads from the Permanent Collection:
- Thor & The Export of Lumber 

- Maud & The Import of Sugar 
- Edith & The Export of Rice
- Theos & The Import of Tea
- Augustus & The Export of Cotton